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1. How Do I Book An Umrah Package With Salah Travels?
Ans: To book an Umrah package, simply select the Umrah package from our website and fill the contact form. You will be contacted by our Umrah desk agents to proceed further. Or you can also call us at +1-224-244-5040 or email us at
2. How Does The Payment Method Works with Salah Travels?
Ans: Salah Travels does not charge the complete amount upfront. The customer will be charged for the airfare only at the time of booking. Remaining balance will be requested 45 days prior to travel.
3. Can Green Card Holders Go For Umrah From USA?
Ans: Yes, any national can travel for Umrah from USA. However, there will be an additional charge of $180 for Non US citizens.
4. How To Take ZamZam Water From Saudi Airports?
Ans: The water must be bottled by a licensed manufacturer. The water bottle must be sealed. Bottles of ZamZam water are not allowed as part of the checked baggage. Zamzam water bottles cannot be carried in hand to inside the plane.
5. How Can I Meet With My Driver At The Airport?
Ans: You will be contacted 24hours before the travel time on Watsapp by the transport department to confirm your arrival.
6. What Hotels Are Being Offered By Salah Travels?
Ans: We can book any requested hotels by the customers in Mecca &Madinah. However, we always try to book the closest hotels for our customers.
7. Is There Any Food Included In The Umrah Package?
Ans: Yes, Buffet Breakfast is included in all of the Umrah packages by Salah Travels. Lunch & Dinner can be added upon request with additional charge.
8. Is Mizarat (Sightseeing) In Mecca & Madinah Is Included In The Package?
Ans: Yes, Mizarat is included in every package provided by Salah Travels.
9. How Do I Contact Salah Travels When In Saudi Araibia?
Ans: We are always available on Watsapp in the Saudi time Zone, in case of any questions you can always reach out to us via Watsapp, Text or email.

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